Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New BeginningI

Hey all! BIG UPDATE!

So, my computer died so I haven't been updating for, y'know, roughly ever. Here's the thing though...

I graduated!!!!!!!

Anyways, to celebrate the new chapter of my life I have begun a brand new blog so be sure to change your blogrolls and check it out. I promise to keep it up to date!! Promise, promise, promise, promise!!!!!!!
Here's the LINK!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Honey, honey, how you thrill me, ahuh!

Oh my, what a weekend we've had!

So, Wednesday night was our big event and it was FABULOUS. Lots of people came, some of whom I haven't seen in ages! Awesome Kong and Roxxi were amazing and SO MUCH FUN!

And then, at two in the morning, the club closed and Chris and I began our drive to Rhode Island. We arrived at my parent's house at 8:15 am and got in an hour nap, got ready and then the family began to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate that then sped off to his family's Thanksgiving, then returned to my parents house to rest and sleep.

Friday we went out in Providence, figuring we would go up early, leave early, and then get a head start on Saturday's drive. The plan started well, but we didn't leave the clubs til 1:00 am and then we decided we were hungry and we stopped at Bickford's. And we got home at about 3:30 am and slept til 11:00 am -- which was when we planned to leave -- and then began our drive at noon.

We were home by about 6:00 pm. We ate, showered, and got ready to go out. We went down to DC and hit up BeBar where two of my friends were having a birthday, then we went to Town because Chris' friend was there. We headed back fairly early by DC standards, slept, and then this week began.

Here's the thing about this week: my senior project has to be done by the end of it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

O. M. G.
I haven't written here in waaaay too long and I apologize for that. A lot of stuff has been going on.

First, there was the apartment drama. I don't want to go into in too much detail, but suffice to say I've moved. And Chris has moved in with me! BIG step, right? But so far it's working really well. :)

We seem to be making all of the classic blunders in a relationship, actually, and none of them to be screwing us up. We survived the distance, now we're surviving moving in really early in the relationship. And, oh yeah, we went into business together. Yeah! We started an events promotion company called CSGS Events, and outside of school, that's been taking up all of my time.

We're looking forward to our first event this coming Wednesday:

It's a BIG event, and if you happen to be anywhere within, oh let's say, 100 miles then I totally encourage you to come by!

I've also been working on my senior project, which is almost done. In fact, I'm getting really close to being able to graduate. College is so close to being over, I can taste it!!! I'm thrilled. Beyond thrilled!

Also, I've been cast as Caliban in The Tempest, a role I've wanted for a very very long time so I'm very excited about that. The show goes up in February.
So everything is looking up right now. And I'm really excited for Wednesday night!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrow"

So, today I'm in Rhode Island. I mean, actually for the past couple days and until tomorrow. But that's not really the point.

The point is I'm cuddling with Chris and typing. At the same time. How effing talented am I? Fo' rizzle. Anyways, he's adorable, and all Nyquilled up. Awwww!

But there is a serious issue I'd like to discuss today. One of urgency and importance. Let's preface this: who remembers, back in the day, when it was a-okay to release a single to radio stations that had no other artists featured on it? When did it become necessary to have another artist come in and sing a mini-song in the middle of your song, that usually has little or nothing to do with the song itself?
Songs featuring other artists are fine. They used to be cool. "Lady Marmalade" with Christina Aguilera featuring Lil Kim, Pink, Missy Elliot, and Mya. Remember that? That was phenomenal. And there were others that were good.
And even as it got to be more prevalent, it was usually okay. "Promiscuous" with Nelly and Nelly Furtado. Timbaland's "Give It To Me" with Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. 50 Cent's "Ayo Technology" is only good because Justin Timberlake is in it.
Of course, some of Justin Timberlake's songs from his album FutureSex/LoveSounds weren't so okay, but it was the beginning stages of this terrifying trend and we pretty much overlooked the random Timbaland rapping. That, I'm afraid, was our mistake.

Now we have all of Akon, Baby Bash, and T-Pain's songs which are featuring other singers who have exactly the same style so you can't actually tell who is singing/rapping which parts.
Or worse, we have "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolph, with Lil Wayne's incomprehensible gibberish in the middle.
Even Jonas Brothers "Burnin' Up", a song that I love, has some guy rapping in the middle.
STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just sing a song by yourself and put it on the radio! If you can get a song on radio already, you don't need help. Stop featuring other artists!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, do you agree with that? Leave me comments!

Monday, September 29, 2008

"You have no idea what you do to me, or what I'll do to you."

I really really need to write in this more. It's sort of fallen by the wayside while I deal with all my stresses as of late. Let me recap what's been going on:

Bio -- I'm failing. Woo! I'm working on it though, and since we're no longer going over chemical stuff I think I can recover.

Comm -- makes me want to cry. Why is this my minor again?

Theater -- this is just my senior project. It's going. Not as well as I'd hoped, but it is definitely progressing. Slowly. I almost have a cast!

Finances -- I'm drowning terribly. The job hunt is not going well, I think I'm going to have to go back to Abercrombie -- but I can't make the interviews because I have class then. Agh! Time to see if one of my former managers can pull some strings.
Oh! Did I mention our bills and things? This "real life" shit blows. I never saw the appeal of staying in college and living on campus for forever before, but I'm starting to get it. A little too late, I might add.

In other news, Chris and I went to Out at Night at Six Flags: Great Adventure in New Jersey. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. Ridiculous amounts. We met up with some of my friends from NYC and had a great time. Chris actually got me to go on Batman -- of course, my eyes were shut for almost all of it. Beside the point, I still went on it.

I went home this past weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. I think I really needed to be not in PA too. I was way more relaxed, even though I don't have my own room anymore. I stayed with Chris though so it worked out pretty well. :)

The drive back to PA though! OMG! First we missed the Tappan Zee Bridge because a bus was in the way, so there we are skirting around Manhattan to get to the New Jersey Turnpike (ew! Even Jersey fans have to admit, not the prettiest part of the state!) Of course while we're on the turnpike....the worst weather I have ever driven in sprung up around us from nowhere. We thought it was that hurricane, but apparently the hurricane was in Maine? I'm sorry, if that wasn't a hurricane, it should have been called one.

Today we had a group presentation in bio and I think it went well! So, that's a step in the right direction....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"You keep living like a movie star, but tell me who you really are..."

3:33 am.

That's what time it is. East Coast, that is. Not that this is really a coast, I'm in the middle of nowhere -- how far away from the ocean can it be and still be called a coast?

I don't really know why I'm awake. I don't feel well, I guess. The breathing thing is not going so hot right now. Lots of coughing, a bit of sneezing. Ick. Ick. Ick.
So, if you're at my school tomorrow and you see me, be aware: I have the plague!!!! Of course, I fully intend on doing my routine of ignoring it until I no longer can. Despite the fact I already have no voice like 45% of the time. Less than 50%, so it's still a "win" in my books.

I can't drop Bio. I also don't think I can pass Bio, so we'll see what can be done. If I can pull off a D- I'll be more than satisfied. I just want to get the heck out of Dodge at this point, I'm so over school.

I had my last follow-up to my elbow surgery today. It was fine. They're not doing anything about the stupid-ass, bitchy nurse who left those stitches in though. I would've thrown a bigger hissy fit, if I'd had more voice at the time.

My radio show is starting next week.

My life is so full of uncertainty and so many people need me to plan for the future, and I'm still trying to find a job for now that I can fit around school....why does Senior Year suck so much ass? But it's almost over.

Chris is coming pretty much every weekend. I feel bad, but at the same time, I looooooove seeing him. He's keeping me way sane right now -- except that he wants me to be able to figure out my life too. And he wants me to figure it out with him in it. And I want him in it. But if I can't figure it out for just me, how do I figure it out for more than that?
I feel like he's bailing on his friends for me, something we said we'd never do. It makes me really uncomfortable, actually, but when I express this he says it's no problem and basically tells me he doesn't like anyone, and I'm the only important person.
Ok, most important person, yes. Only important person? If you say so.

Here's something that's pretty easy to figure out: Ethan Reynolds on here!'s The Lair. I haven't seen it yet, I'm fighting with Comcast but by the end of the week I will have seen it. I hope, because on Friday the next episode will air and I need to see it.
Also, Ethan is embarking on a multi-city tour. I'll be creating an epic picture for his contest -- a picture with your name and the city you'd like him to visit. If I don't win, at least he'll be entertained. (When I have the photo made, I will also post here for all of your enjoyment. As I will also do for some of the flyers for my radio show.)

I'm gonna try this sleep thing again.
3:47 am.

Monday, September 01, 2008

He's baaaaaaaaaack!!!

It has been a loooong time since I've had the opportunity to write here. I'm sure you'll forgive me when you see what I've been up to.

Last time I posted, I might've fibbed. Chris and I were about to head on a trip to Ohio, where we surprised Katie (and Kat, no less!) To help with the surprise, I posted about how nothing was going on and how dull my life was.
And you all believed that?????? God, it's like you don't know me at all. :P

Anyhow, so we went to Ohio with his mother to visit his family and to see Katie and Kat. On the trip, he asked me to stop go go dancing -- and, yes, I have. Color me whipped, I guess. We also began to set up the ways we would stay in touch while I was out here -- World of Warcraft accounts (yesss, we're geeks, try not to be too ashamed of me). He also gave me a webcam. And of course, we have phones.

Anyways, we got back and immediately I began to prepare for my return to Pennsylvania for school -- which was merely days away. My Aunt Susan and Uncle Robert also came to RI for a visit in the same few days. I saw them one day, which was a day spent with Chris as well -- and thne I was off.

I got pulled over on my way to PA in New Jersey. I won't go into too much detail, but I owe $240 dollars for my speeding ticket. And -- strangely enough -- my financial situation isn't terrible so I'm not really worried about it.

The really terrible things started happening when I got to Pennsylvania. See, I had planned to live in this in-law apartment four blocks away from campus. When I got to PA they informed me that their property had been put up for sale and that I could met on a month-to-month basis. I was like "" and began my trek as a hobo, bouncing first from Jess' apartment to Nicole's apartment, to Jason's couch, to finally getting a place with Carl and Damon! I'm back in the apartment complex I lived in with Katie last school year, but with each of us paying a third of the rent it works out to be a pretty good deal.

I started classes as a hobo, so getting into the swing of things has been pretty difficult. We're still moving in. Chris came this weekend to visit, which was good because this distance thing has been incredibly difficult for us both on top of all of this. He left today.

So, now you're all caught up!!! :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"No way to control it, it's totally automatic"

I haven't written in a while because -- and this will shock you -- I have not had anything particularly exciting going on. I'm still dating Chris, I'm still working at Dark Lady, I still don't have a day job, and I still don't have an apartment (though I just got a lead on one). I'm still in physical therapy and my elbow is getting better every day. Isn't this all so droll? There haven't even really been any big parties or anything or shocking plot twists in my life. I'm fine with that, but how can you stand it? :P

Anyways, instead I thought I'd do a little "Our Favorite Hotties" update for all of you. (Starting, of course, with me and Chris....but we just did that one.)

First, of course, is Ethan Reynolds. I don't think I mentioned that he started a group for go go boys and strippers and such on Myspace? Well, it's been a great networking tool. That's not really news about him. I don't have much news about him, except that he enjoyed his birthday except for the black eye he got (and then used to his advantage in this photoshoot!)

And, of course, he appeared at San Diego Pride for Krave Nightclub. (Okay, I'll be honest, I just wanted to show the picture of him with the writing all over him. I didn't think you'd mind.)

Now, truly, there have been some busier hotties out there. I haven't talked about him much, but this guy like never ever takes a break or day off, I swear. Which is totally not a bad thing because then there's zillions of pictures of him which is fine by me and everyone else I'm sure.
Cody Fallon has a major interview coming up in Beautiful. If you're unfamiliar with the website, shame on you! They've got great taste and are long time fans of Roman Heart (much like myself). So, what's not to love? Anyways, Cody seems really excited about this interview (on Myspace anyways) so I'm guessing it's going to be a big deal and it's going to be great.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lord, please Dell-iver me!!

I don't like doing extra-bitchy, foul-mood type posts. Cause that's angsty. The sort of thing that belongs on Livejournal, you know?

So here's the sitch. You know how last night I went to bed to wake up early for the Dell guy? Well, since he was coming here, I set my alarm for 8:50. He was going to be here, I'd been told, between 9:00 am and noon.

8:30 my phone rings and wakes me up. I answer. It's the Dell guy. He tells me he's going to be here between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm. That's distinctly different from 9 to noon, so I grumbled and went back to bed -- changing my alarm to noon.

Well, I haven't been asleep for long when my phone goes off again. I answer. It's the stupid Dell appointment people. First an automated message plays. And then repeats itself. Then it connects me to a person who asks for my reference number. I told him point blank that I didn't have it and if they were going to call me, I expected he should know who he was talking to. I'm not the nicest person ever when you wake me up, I'll admit.
He looked me up and proceeded to confirm my appointment for between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm. When he hung up, I went back to sleep.

I woke up, went to physical therapy and killed my arm. Then I came home, putzed around, and waited. The Dell guy called to push himself back to 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Mom's friend came over to teach her how to face paint efficiently and artistically. We actually came up with some good business ideas about how to exploi--I mean, expand mom's friend's face painting business to the gay community. Pridefest, night club parties, etc. Downside? One way or the other, following through with that idea means coming out as a go go boy to my family. Aw shit, son.

Anyways, Dell guy called again. Pushing himself back to 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Then he called again with a sort of "I'll get there at some point" response. I'm getting less pleased by the moment, but he finally shows up and begins to take my computer apart and find various problems with it. He spends the whole time on the phone with people from Dell. As he packs up to leave he proceeds to tell me that he would need to come back with more parts, like feet to put on the bottom of my laptop and stuff, a new power cord, etc. And then he tells me it's because I treat my computer badly.
HELLO????? It's a three-year old computer and all that's needed replaced (aside from, periodically, Dell's shitty power cords that they're RENOWNED for needing replaced all the time) is the hard drive and the fan -- and that was because of a rather unfortunate incident. Anyways, basically, from what he implied, apparently you are not supposed to move laptops. He told me when he comes back with the new parts, he's going to tell me how to take care of the laptop.

Chris came over then and helped calm me down, but I'm still pretty damn irate. Especially because the stupid appointment office called again -- I didn't answer -- and left a voice mail saying my appointment was from between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Like, really? You call that an appointment?

There's an energy washing chemically over me

This boyfriend thing is taking up a tons of time I could be devoting to blogging, so I want to apologize straight up for my neglect. I'm going to run a quick overview of things since I've been back from my road trip...

Saturday, July 5
I came home and Chris came and picked me up that night. We hung out for a while and then went out to Mirabar where I was hoping to run into my friends Billy and Jamie who were visiting from LA. I saw them, and we hung with them for a bit. Then Chris and I left early because I was really tired.

Sunday, July 6
Chris and I went down to Connecticut for a barbeque at my friend Doug's house. We left that early too, more because somebody who shall remain nameless was being a drunken asshole. Let's not discuss that, shall we?

Monday, July 7 - Friday, July 11
Typical week all around, but fun. Much time spent with boyfriend. Starting to sense a theme, are we? I worked Friday night at Dark Lady, it was really nerve-wracking being the first time I'd worked since the incident in the basement Pride. They were having a blackout underwear party which was lots of fun, except it was difficult to tell who was working and who was just naked -- especially since they had five of us on -- Adam, Jamal, Matt, myself, and new boy Tony.

Saturday, July 12
I took the night off of work because it was my dear friend Grace's birthday, and I D.Ded for her. It was good that I was not drinking, because technically alcohol is bad for me with the Crohn's and all and I really needed to step back from the celebrating my 21-ness to realize how much better I was feeling overall back when I was 20. Also celebrating with us that night was Naseer, another friend from high school; his boyfriend Paul; and yet another person from high school Brendan. (How many Brendan's can I possibly have in my life?)

Sunday, July 13
Grace's actual birthday, Chris and I joined her briefly for continued partying -- this time with Courtney, Kilian, and Tara Jane -- all of whom I fondly remember from high school but basically never see anymore. I know, bad friend. It was really nice to reconnect with all of them though. :)
(And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a picture of Chris and I! Much anticipated, I'm sure. :P)

Monday, July 14
Chris' vacation week began on Monday, so we went to NYC. I know, NYC on a seems peculiar. He told me we were going to have dinner and drinks with his mother. I was nervous to say the least, not to mention a lot surprised at how soon I was meeting his mother (a fact that would soon make me a complete hypocrite.) We stayed at the cutest bed & breakfast, called the 414. It's fairly near Time Square. Very centrally located.
After we checked in, we went to lunch at a cute little restaurant, where cute, enthusiastic people provided excellent service. It's too bad the food *sucked* because I really wanted to like the place. Anyways...while we ate, I proceeded to pick apart Chris about this dinner-with-mother thing, more than I already had that is. Turned out I wasn't meeting his mother -- he'd pulled strings and, in just two days, gotten tickets to see Spring Awakening!!!!!! Even though Jonathan Groff is no longer in the cast, it was just as amazing as I remembered it.

Tuesday, July 15
We came back from NYC and made it back JUST in time for my physical therapy appointment. They started me on heavy-duty strengthening excercises that left my arm exhausted and left me not feeling up to very much, so Chris and I headed back to my parents' house, where I am currently residing on the misguided theory that on a Tuesday afternoon nobody would home -- as this is often true.
Instead, everyone was frikkin' home. My brother, who doesn't even live here anymore, was there. Chris spent the rest of the day with me....and my family. Even when Dad took my brother, me, and Chris out for clam cakes. See how I'm a hypocrite? Cause I sure do. And so does Chris, as he will not let me live that down...

Wednesday, July 16
Chris and I hung out more, it being his week off. That night we brought my brother up to the train station, and then brought Topher to work, and then went out for fun at Mirabar. I met a couple of his friends, which was a nice change. :P
Unfortunately, we got into our first big fight when we left. I'm not going to air the details to everyone, especially since it's basically over and done with. If you really want to know, there are plenty of more private ways to get in touch with me, yes? Yes. And then you can blog about it all Gossip-Girl style -- cause we all know how I'd *love* to be in something tabloid-esque.

Thursday, July 17
Chris and I resolved our issues over Facebook. After watching Burn Notice with mom, I went up to Mirabar, where he was working, and Dark Lady to hang out. I got harrassed by a kid who lost Dark Lady's hot body contest and was not happy about it...I decided to be nice and not explain that he might have lost because of how he wasn't actually that hot. I know, normally I'm really honest but that's the sort of thing I like to sugarcoat, and there was just no way of doing that. He lost to a drag queen for crying out loud. (A hot drag queen, but still.) The other people who lost (some of whom were pretty good looking) weren't bothered by it.

Friday, July 18
I got a haircut. Then I worked at Dark Lady. Typical night, with four of us (Adam couldn't work). Drama happened, it didn't involve me. Chris and I went to breakfast afterwards.

Saturday, July 19
Chris and I had a really lazy Saturday, though we went up to the Natick Collection (that's the mall's real name apparently). Then it was Christmas in July. Which was looottttts of fun. Only Matt and I worked, but Jamal and Tony were there -- it was nice to have the added back-up. Cleaning up took til about 4:30 am though. Needless to say I was exhausted when I got to Chris' house. He hadn't had a good night either, though he'd gotten to see several of his friends from MA. So we slept, or tried to sleep, but with both of us being in bad moods at that point it just didn't work out well. So we were exhausted Sunday...

Sunday, July 20
...So we did a lot of sleeping. Or at least, I did, I don't really know what Chris did since I came home. Stayed home too!

Monday, July 21
Today was solidly productive, kind of. Dell is coming tomorrow to fix everything wrong with my computer. The warranty is done on August 18, and if I don't get it fixed I'm betting I'll need a new one about August 19.
Then, Chris and I met up and I brought him to Dark Lady as my date to the surprise birthday party of one of the owners. It was fun, although we left a bit early. I don't really like going out on Mondays, you know? Is that weird? Anyways...that brings us to now.

Tuesday, July 22
I'm going to try this sleeping thing again. I was trying early, it wasn't working out because I was thinking about how I hadn't blogged in forever. Now that I have, hopefully I'll sleep for a few hours before I have to get up to wait for the Dell guy. Then, I'll get to nap again before physical therapy. I hope.

PS Go back to a few of the recent previous posts, there's been new pictures added to some of them! (One of them includes Chris!)